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GPON Technology

Passive Optical Network (PON) represents one of the most important directions in the deployment of optical access networks. Passive because no actively powered network elements need to be used between the ISP's exchange and the end customer.

A significant advantage is the lower cost of construction and operation compared to active networks. Passive networks save both the number of optical fibres to be pulled (sharing the bandwidth of a single fibre by multiple subscribers) and the equipment required for the operation of the network (simplifying the network elements in the provider's exchange).

PON technology offers access to advanced "triple-play" services, i.e. Internet, TV and voice services. 
The GPON passive optical network standard allows for transmission speeds of 2.4 /1.25 Gbps per user using WDM , this allows the transmission of signals in a single 
fibre using different wavelengths. New generations of NG-PON allow 10Gb/s , 50Gb/s and even 100Gb/s.


Management as a service

We will soon launch iMaster NCE-FAN Lite as a cloud service


OptiXstar S800E

XGS-PON SFP+ for connecting e.g. AP and IP cameras to PON infrastructure


Outdoor OLT

The OptiXaccess EA5801S-GP16 is a compact outdoor blade Optical Line Terminal (OLT). It provides 16 Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) ports

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